One of the questions I get asked most often is: of all the fabrics I could have chosen for my T-shirts, why Supima cotton?

At least once a week, someone who’s never worn a Serrano product says to me,

“I don’t see what the fuss is about, Rodrigo. Cotton’s cotton, isn’t it?  Wherever it grows, it’s still just a little white puffball. What’s the big deal?”

And my reply to that: It’s all in the fibers

What This Means For Your T-Shirt

The outstanding properties of Supima cotton result in a T-shirt like none you’ve ever had before!

Think something versatile, strong and durable, ideal for physical activities but also lightweight and breathable to guarantee that you stay comfortable no matter how hard you work.

Below are the key factors that make our Supima Cotton different: 


    Supima, with its extra-longer staple fiber, is naturally resistant to pilling, which results in uniquely durable products that will stand the test of time.


    Supima is a softer and more luxurious type of cotton. The Length of the fiber results in a smoother surface than conventional cotton and ultimately result in products that feel soft and moreover get softer with time.


    Due to better absorption properties, Supima fibers dye better and deeper. The fine fibers allow for a long-lasting, deeper color penetration which means Supima will retain color better than any other regular cotton.

We believe in following the best practices and our investment in the luxurious, high-quality Supima cotton reflects the high standards we set for our products.


I hope it is now clear that from the hand-picked extra-long fibers and the soft, strong fabric, they produce to the durable, versatile T-shirts that fabric creates, Supima cotton is just a whole cut above others.

That’s why when I set my goal of creating the perfect t-shirts, I knew I had only one choice when it came to the fabric. I simply couldn’t cut costs and go for something cheaper.

If I wanted to produce the best-fitting, best-feeling, most durable men’s T-shirt out there, I had to go with Supima. I’m confident that once you add a Serrano T-shirt to your wardrobe and experience a whole new level of comfort and style you will never go back to the common, low-grade cotton.

Now you know it’s not just a t-shirt.